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Mobile App v Interactive Web Portal

I am always getting asked how much it would be to develop an App – and the answer is, it depends.  The cost of developing a mobile App can vary greatly depending on the functionality you want your App to have; which platforms you want it to be compatible with; and whether you need it…

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Mobile Apps

Coronation Street on Mobile Apps So, the boss “accidentally” watched Coronation Street last week and it’s ruffled his feathers a bit. (Spoiler alert) Apparently, Street Cars is in trouble because it is losing all its customers to a rival firm that has a Mobile App.  Not to be outdone, Steve and Tim decide to look into…

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Image of tree showing what combines to make success

New Year, New Business?

With the beginning of a new year, people’s thoughts turn to resolutions and predictions.  And perhaps it’s a good time for businesses to take a step back – review the old and decide on the new.  Self-Innovation. Innovation in this context isn’t about new products or services, it is about innovating the way you do business. Tom…

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Picture of hand pressing button in centre of a cog to represent moving ahead with Digital Transformation

Digital What?

Once again, workplace stress is in the headlines as the number of people suffering continues to grow. Last month, I blogged about how embracing new technologies in the workplace could provide a golden opportunity to improve workplace wellbeing.  I touched on Digital Disruption and Digital Transformation as I highlighted research that claims adopting AI in the…

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Picture of man and rocket flying side by side to represent scalable technology

Scalable Technology

I keep hearing people talk about scalable technology but what do they really mean and what impact could it have on your business? When we talk about scalable technology, we are really referring to the extent that a system, network, or process is capable of coping with increasing volumes of work – or whether it…

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Software Development

Women in Software

As we continue to expand, we are recruiting again at Roar Software.  Sifting through the applications it becomes glaringly obvious that we are lacking something – female candidates.  “Why are there no women?” I can be heard asking the room in general.  I am met with a puzzled silence. None of us is sure. I’ll…

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Picture of very heavy traffic on motorway

Remote Integration

Well April and May have been busy months for Roar Software, not least because our illustrious leader, Paul, was away in Rwanda for almost 2 weeks working on a software development and integration project for a live event.  You can read more about that here. Even though Paul was over 4,000 miles away, the time…

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Blurry picture of clock with words stress, time management, schedule, busy, rush, delay, late, overtime around it

Lunchtime Yoga anyone?

With stress and mental health issues accounting for a high proportion of absenteeism, many companies and HR departments are putting strategies in to place to support their employees in an effort to reduce workplace stress, and there seem to be a lot of in-house lunchtime yoga classes springing up.  Arecent survey by Perkbox found that…

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Picture of man multi-tasking against the clock

As your SME begins to grow, you may find yourself spending too much time in the business and not enough time on the business.  So how can you change that?

The Situation It is a familiar story.  Before you start up your company, you spend time planning and mapping out how you would like the business to progress, what systems you are going to put in place, how you will cope with increased orders.  As the business grows, you find yourself becoming increasingly busy and…

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Cartoonish picture of a man balancing an I love Tax mug on top of a pile of files.

Software Developers and IR35

IR35 – Off-payroll working through an intermediary With January and the self-assessment tax deadline rapidly approaching, this seems a good time to look at the off-payroll working rules – often known as IR35. There have been a lot of articles about IR35 recently and it’s impact on individual contractors, particularly within the public sector. This…

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Picture of a doctor showing only part of his body, stethoscope and outstretched hand

Walking into a doctor’s surgery and asking for penicillin

One of the problems I have found when adopting an agile approach to developing systems (and I mean truly agile, according to the rules, rather than a particular project management methodology), is that the high level of end user interaction in the development process can sometimes lead to the users, in effect, designing the…

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Open Source Software

What is open source software (OS Software)? OS Software is software with a source code that has been publicly distributed for other programmers to access, use and learn from, meaning that anyone can inspect, modify and enhance the software. Because of this, open source software is generally considered to be more stable, more secure and…

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