Systems Integration


Seamlessly integrating your existing business systems and processes can provide huge efficiency savings that support and enable growth.

Integrating the functions within your business provides many benefits, not least:

  • Eliminating the need for double or triple data entry
  • Reducing the risk of errors
  • Providing Consistency and ease of information sharing across multiple platforms
  • Greater efficiency and productivity
  • Release of resources for utilisation elsewhere in the business
  • Cost savings
  • Improving workplace wellbeing by reducing stress caused by workload

Roar Software are highly experienced developers of dependable solutions for systems integration utilising a wide variety of techniques tailored to meet your business needs.  We pride ourselves on being able to produce solutions that provide real-time or near real-time synchronisation between systems.  Following Agile principles, our solutions are as simple as possible, easily maintained and require minimal systems administration resource.

system integration

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“UK office workers are suggested to use around 10,000 sheets of A4 paper each year [per person]”

Integrating your systems will enable you to reduce your carbon footprint.  Think the change will only lead to a small reduction? Maybe. But every little counts.  40% of plastic is only used once.  The majority of those 10,000 sheets of paper end up in the bin or the shredder.  As individuals, we can all cut down on the number of plastic bags and bottles we use, but what can you do as a business? Reducing the amount of printing you do by integrating systems will not only cut down on paper but will reduce the amount of plastic (ink and toner cartridges and packaging?) you use.  Reduce the number of handwritten notes passed along so that data can be entered into another system, and you will reduce the amount of pens you use as well as cutting down on paper.  Reducing the amount of time a process takes may help to reduce energy consumption.  All small changes that can make a big difference!


Bespoke Software Development

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Digital Business Automation in Action. Seamless Systems Integration and Development of Robust Software to improve efficiency, productivity and customer retention. Daisy Group were formed in 2001 and are now the UK’s largest independent digital provider of end-to-end business communications and managed service solutions. Daisy have over 60,000 direct customers, 1,700 partners and 3,700 employees operating from…

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