project recovery


Sometimes, software projects don’t go according to plan and they stall. This could be for a variety of reasons, not all negative. For example, what starts out as a relatively simple idea can grow as new possibilities open up during the development process and the project suddenly needs more resource than you have available.

The range of experience and expertise within our team means there is little we haven’t seen.  If necessary, we can reverse engineer the software in order to rescue your project.

Whether you have started your project with an internal team or an external developer, we can pick up where they have left off and get your project going again.

project recovery

Let us get your project up and running again.


legacy software

Project Recovery

About 18 months ago, Roar were approached by a company who had an incomplete software project that they needed finishing.  The entire project consisted of a legacy system, the skeleton of a web portal, and a requirement to integrate the two.  The initial brief was for Roar to fully develop the web portal while another developer worked…

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