Legacy Software Support

Difficult to maintain legacy software can seriously impact the ability of your business to grow and improve its efficiency. Roar Software can help you to regain control of your existing systems, integrating, developing and extending them as appropriate.  We provide legacy software support where other companies may fear to tread.

Old, poorly built or difficult to maintain software can lead to supplier or even employee “lock-in”. Businesses continue to maintain relationships with unsatisfactory software providers or employees because they fear the impact on their business if they lose support for their legacy software.

Roar Software are experts at getting to grips with legacy software and systems for you, enabling your business to move forwards. We will develop a strategy tailored to meet your unique business needs. Typically, this may include:Legacy Software Support Roar Software

  • Understanding the existing codebase and database schemas
  • Ensuring that development and test environments are in place
  • Ensuring the codebase is under version control
  • Making minor changes to the codebase to fit with changing business needs
  • Producing new modules to sit alongside the existing codebase and database that are easier to maintain
  • Where appropriate, migrate the systems to new off-the-shelf or bespoke systems that better fit the future needs of the business

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