crm systems development


As your business grows, the ability to retrieve customer information and to track customer interactions becomes more important and you may decide to implement a CRM system.

The more a CRM system integrates with your existing business processes, the more valuable and effective it will be.  Roar Software can advise, install, configure, extend or even build bespoke CRM systems to suit your business needs.

Hosting your own open source CRM can often provide better functionality than Cloud based CRMs without the potentially prohibitively expensive licence or per seat cost. Hosting your own data also provides the added capability of easily extending, customising, reporting on, and integrating with your existing internal systems at a fraction of the cost.

crm development

Bespoke CRM systems to suit your business needs.


It could be argued that every business needs a CRM.  That may be true, but in order for a CRM to really add value, it has to be the right one for your specific business model.

These are our tips for researching CRMs:

  • Decide what you want the CRM to do for you – saving time, improving efficiency, providing data etc, etc.
  • Map your existing workflows.
  • Involve potential users from all levels with the company in the workflow mapping and CRM decisions.
  • Think about who, what when, where and why at every level of the business – who will use it, what will they use it for, when will they use it, where will they use it (does it need to function on mobile devices, offline as well as online etc), and why will they use it?
  • Don’t rule out free CRMs.
  • Match the CRM as closely as possible to the existing workflow.
  • Consider short- and long-term costs.
  • How customisable is the CRM?
  • What integrations will you need and how easily can they be achieved?