DBA & Systems Administration Support


Streamlining your business processes using tools such as MySQL, SQL Server and OVM will provide you with cost and resource savings while improving efficiency.

In addition to all the benefits we can offer with systems integration solutions and bespoke software development, we can also support you with systems administration services such as:

  • Database Administration – MySQL, SQL Server
  • Installation of operating systems – Red Hat, CentOS, Oracle, Linux, Legacy IBM AIX 4.3-6.1
  • Virtualisation – Vmware Workstation, vSphere
  • Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM) – enabling you to carve up existing resources providing cost savings on hardware and infrastructure
  • Shell Scripting – allowing automation of IT processes
systems administration

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database management

Database Efficiency

We were recently asked to work on a piece of software that was struggling to execute reports.  The problem, as it was described to us, was that reports were either taking forever to load or were ‘crashing’ the software and no data could be viewed. The software in question utilised an older version of a…

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