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Ruby on Rails Website

At Roar Software we also work on our own products and projects alongside client work. This provides the opportunity for the team to continue to learn and develop, gaining experience of different techniques, platforms and languages. One such project is

Have you ever found yourself looking for a second hand item, for example a bike, or a child’s bed, and looking on ebay, and then looking on gumtree? Have you found yourself in need of a piece of electronics, say a printer or a cable, and searching Amazon, and ebuyer, and ebay? searches these sites for you and compiles the results into a single list. It provides the ability to specify distance from your location in your search (for those bulky ‘pick up only’ items) and to set the minimum and maximum price.

The chosen sites are searched in real time and the results compiled into a list which can then be ordered and viewed in either grid or list form.

The site was built using a Linux / MySQL / Ruby on Rails / nginx stack.