Ruby Development – Outsourced, Freelance, Contract

We can help with your ruby development requirement.

Ruby programming

At Roar Software we have a number of programmers with a high level of Ruby skill and experience.  We’re here to help with

No matter how small or large your project, we can provide the expertise.

New Ruby Projects

At Roar Software, we are big fans of the Ruby on Rails MVC platform, and recommend its use for all server side logic when starting a new project. We can provide systems analysis services to determine your requirements, come up with a design, and project manage the implementation. Alternatively, if you have those skills in house, and simply want programming skills to build your project, then we can provide that from our UK offices, or on-site (dependent upon location).

Existing projects

Do you require an extension to your existing Ruby / Ruby on Rails codebase? Roar Software are adept at getting to grips with an existing codebase and producing work in keeping with the design and style of the existing project.   If you have an existing development team or provider, we are happy to work with them and seamlessly become part of the team.

Ruby Programming cover

Maybe you have your own in-house programming team and just need a Ruby / Ruby on Rails  developer temporarily whilst one of the team is away for some reason. Typically in the IT/ software development industry you might look to engage a contractor. The advantage of engaging with Roar Software is

  • no worries about HMRC considering the contractor was actually an employee and you receiving a hefty bill for unpaid NI contributions at some point in the future
  • We have a pool of talent to call upon, several of which will get to know your systems. If one of them needs to take time off, there will be another skilled individual ready to step into their shoes
  • There is no minimum term to our engagement. We are so confident that our engagement will be successful that we are happy for you to be able to terminate the engagement at any stage with no penalty, we don’t believe you’ll use that ability.

We can provide the cover from our offices, or possibly at your site depending upon your location.  However, we have successfully made use of remote working  / video conferencing techniques in the past so that the developer(s) you engage with feel very much part of the team.