mobile apps

Helping Small Businesses

A problem encountered by small, independent gyms is that they often lack the finances to invest in systems to manage everything digitally. We have developed an interactive web portal for our client which enables gym management staff to manage all of their members and classes in the same way larger organisations do, for a reasonable subscription fee. Gyms can register themselves, their classes and members onto the web portal and organise them from there. We have enabled social logins with OAuth, so that members can login with already existing Facebook and Google accounts.

The Mobile Phone App

The web portal is connected with a mobile phone app that we have also created. The app was built using Apache Cordova which allows it to work across multiple formats, so it can be used on both Apple and Android devices. Roar Software worked with a third party graphic designer chosen by the client to improve the styling and aesthetic of the app. It can be used by members to book onto classes and also class leaders to take attendance registers and cancel classes among other functions. Members can turn on push notifications and receive messages from our app, so they can be easily informed of changes, such as if a class they are booked into is postponed or cancelled.

This is an ongoing project that should be launched in the near future.